November 20, 2015

Odm Propaganda Tool is Out


Kenyans all this things that were happening are just propaganda from Odm.

November 19, 2015

Lets fight corruption in Kenya.Avoid side shows

Source: Lets fight corruption in Kenya.Avoid side shows

November 19, 2015

Lets fight corruption in Kenya.Avoid side shows

President Uhuru Kenyatta has made it clear that Ms Anne Waiguru is not his girl friend. Hence, Cord should call off its attack dogs that had been yelping at the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning these last few months in a vain and futile attempt to link her to a Shs. 690m NYS scam.
President Kenyatta has stood steadfastly by his Cabinet Secretary, brushing aside critics who had been calling for her resignation over the alleged scandal. In so doing, the President demonstrated clearly that he absolved his Minister of responsibility for the scandal.
Two senior officials of the Ministry, PS Mangiti and NYS Director Githinji, are being arraigned in court over the missing money.
Nobody has charged Ms. Waiguru over any missing monies. It is therefore deplorable to note that some Western countries have decided to impose a travel ban on the Cabinet Secretary, undoubtedly the best performing minister in the Jubilee Government.
The ban amounts to an unfriendly act on the part of these Western countries. Where is the evidence implicating her in the NYS scandal ? Why couldnt these countries wait until the whole NYS drama is played out in court since Ms Waiguru is one of those who will be a prosecution witness ?
Ms Waiguru has performed admirably in her docket since she was appointed to it in May, 2013.
Consider the following:
The Ministry of Devolution and Planning spent Shs. 15.5bn on youth, women and Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) since the programme was launched in July, 2013.
During the 2014/15 FY, 1,896 young entrepreneurs received Sh. 4.5bn of the Sh. 9.2bn government tenders issued to vulnerable categories.
The youth have also been encouraged to compete with other stake-holders for the remaining 70% of procurement opportunities.
To date, over 55,000 companies have been certified to benefit from the 30% AGPO scheme.
In addition, 21,393 youth were given life skills training and of these, 8,565 underwent actual 3-monthon-job training and internship in various sectors of the economy under the Kenya Youth Empowerment Programme executed in partnership with private sector players coordinated by KEPSA.
Thus, 21,393 have been given life skills training and of these, 80% have gone on to secure wage and self-employment.
Also, 11,318 youth were supported through the Directorate of Youth Affairs to get into industrial apprenticeships.
Uwezo Fund, Women Enterprise Fund, Youth Enterprise Development Fund have had a significant impact on job creation and economic growth.
Uwezo Fund set up for youth, women and PWDs at the constituency level has disbursed Shs. 5.35bn to all the 290 constituencies and so far 32,405 groups of 19,690 women, 11,802 youth and 735 PWDs have accessed Shs. Shs.3.3bn of these funds.
Youth Enterprise Development Fund disbursed Shs. 1,540,640,578 to youth enterprises across the country which created employment for 175,982 youth both in groups and as individuals.
All 11,802 youth beneficiaries of Uwezo have undergone a mandatory entrepreneurial training before receiving their cash.
Furthermore, entrepreneurship training was given to 77, 494 yoiiuth through the Youth Enterprise Development Fund.
Of this number, 64.21% have repaid their loans. Contrast this with the dismal repayment rate of 13% and 17% recorded during the period 2007 and 2011.
About 550 youth enterprises have been linked to markets and 3,579 were facilitated by the Ministry to secure jobs abroad.
It is this impressive track record of the Cabinet Secretary which is giving nightmares to the Cord opposition and especially its leader,, Raila Odinga, whose Kazi Kwa Vijana was a monumental flop during his tenure as Premier.

November 4, 2015

Ngai Jesso!!!! Uhuru must act Now.

vote mexican flag rebellion

Dear Mr President,

I am writing to you as your supporter number 1. I have walked with you since 2002. I have liked you and I have believed in you. Your warm personality has connected with my soul. All through till now.

Mr. President, my vote plus many others from across the country gave you a mandate. We employed you to work for us for about 5 years. Thrilled by the offer, and just like a coach of a football team, you came along with your technical team. The team doctor has been Ms. Anne Waiguru.

She has not shied from taking credit in all the success stories of Devolution Ministry. The Huduma Centre has been quite impressive. The NYS projects across the country and especially Kibera have been hailed as revolutionary.

But there have been whispers that the over-glorification of this CS and her Ministry is a strategy to mask the massive graft in her docket. Some would argue that the Ministry is quite large for her detecting anomalies. But the way she glows when something nice is told of her Ministry, she must equally take blame of the negatives.

Sir, I would not wish to go into political details of such an implication but I want to look at it as a taxpayer, an employer. I would want to see her as a ‘hardworking’ lady from my ethnic region but I cannot. The result of mega corruption in this country is hard economic times for me and my humble family. No where does my tribe’s correctness apply in alleviating my suffering.

Mr. President, when Charity Ngilu, Eng Kamau and other CS’s ministries were suspected of malpractice, you sent them home. It’s been a while but they are still in the cold. Anne Waiguru is no different. She must go home!

Sometimes it’s not about correctness but perception. Anne may not be entirely to blame but she has presided over a scam after another in her docket. The general public mood is telling, she has to go.

When the CEO of the Youth Fund was being appointed, she disregarded the input of the Board plus the AntiCirruption Commission. She hired Catherine Namuye, even with strong warning that she was a thief. Latest revelations indicate she has embezzled millions and millions of Kshs. Who to blame?

At this point in time, it’s not about whether she will go but when you’re signing and releasing the sacking letter. She has to go, She must go.

There’s nothing worse than having a feeling of ‘mapendeleo’ where one is treated with a different set of rules than the others. Waiguru is being treated more like the special one. To correct that feeling, she has to go.

Perhaps you like her working style. No problem. Perhaps you feel for her. No problem. We the public have a problem with her, take her out of public employment. Let her serve in private capacity. Let her be paid not from my taxes but from your investment.

Mr. President, I had to write this. Please bear with me.


NB: In the meantime, Cancer Patients are still crying for your intervention.


Devolution Principal Secretary ‘accidentally’ reveals misuse of public cash
By Alphonce Shiundu
The Standard
Tuesday, Nov 3rd 2015
Devolution and Planning Principal Secretary Peter Mangiti
A document accidentally submitted to a parliamentary team left MPs shocked and convinced that the Ministry of Devolution has blatantly misappropriated huge amounts of taxpayer‘s monies.

The list exposes how the ministry acquired goods and services at inflated prices, with one Kaspersky security unit going for Sh973, 780. A photocopier (Kyocera 8001) was bought at Sh1.45 million while a “heavy duty” photocopier cost Sh1.38 million.

It also reveals that Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru‘s ministry acquired a piano ‘for office use’, 18 ‘tailor-made’ condom dispensers, a fridge and a TV for the CS, cookers, ovens, microwaves and tea urns. The cheapest goods were bought at three times the market price.

The document, which Principal Secretary Peter Mangiti confessed that he “erroneously” submitted to the PAC, indicated that condom dispensers cost Sh450,000, meaning a piece went for Sh25,000. The market price for condom dispensers, even in high-end blue-chip private sector organisations, is a maximum of Sh7,000.

The ministry also bought 20 fine-tipped ball pens at Sh174,000 (meaning each cost Sh8,700).

These goods were bought with public funds in the 2013-14 financial year.

Even with the inflated figures, the ministry couldn’t exhaust all of its allocation in one financial year. The ministry had asked for Sh11.4 billion, but only managed to spend Sh8 billion on these goods and overpriced assets.

At the meeting yesterday in the Main Parliament Buildings, Government auditors Jane Kariuki, Evans Ondari and Peter Ndung’u said they raised queries when they realised billions of shillings had been spent, yet they were never given supporting documents to back up the expenditure.

“The supporting payment vouchers were not provided, including a summary of fixed assets register,” the auditors said.

The Auditor General’s Report for 2013-14, which queried the spending and demanded a full “asset register”, is what exposed the misuse of public funds. It is that copy of the register from the Directorate of Public Service Management that had all the inflated bills.

The MPs kicked out the PS and top ministry officials from the committee meeting to explain why and how they threw prudence out of the window in favour of wanton wastage of public funds.

Public Accounts Committee chairman Nicholas Gumbo (Rarieda), members Abdikadir Aden (Balambala), Stephen Manoti (Bobasi), Kanini Kega (Kieni), Eseli Simiyu (Tongaren), Julius Melly (Tinderet), Kangogo Bowen (Marakwet East), Gonzi Rai (Kinango) all questioned the different items.

October 30, 2015

FACTS about Uhuru Regime that you should KNOW

I am a Kenyan. Yes, my country produces great athletes. That’s not all; there are many other stunning contemporary facts you should know:

> Our president is a charming and kind man; for example, he occasionally interrupts his travels to visit Kenya. Plus, at least, he only travels with half of HIS government; the rest remains in-country to attend political and prayer rallies (our current #1 national strategic objective).

> We don’t open Facebook accounts; we fix them; we promulgate them; I swear… there’s a way we click that thaaaang, you have nah ideeeeeea! And, it costs KSh. 2 million (US$ 20, 000). Two-mmmmmiiiittaaaa…. because we mean business.

>Our parliament has more seats than the total number of ICU beds in the entire country – now, beat that! ‪#‎nuffSaid‬

>Our only radiotherapy machine (we are so special, we only need ONE!) is currently broken… you are welcome for a free tour of the machine; our technicians are available to help you take some pictures of this precious and ancient equipment from the early 90s! We are trying to answer the question: “How long can a piece of equipment work before it breaks down and resists all forms of repair and prayers?”


> With county-inspired expertise, we discovered non-carcinogenic wheelbarrows in 2015. Forget the BMWs of this world; these barrows are the ish. Of course the accounting technology used is a national top secret, I won’t divulge it here.

> We have also just invented an innovative blue-tooth enabled, Android-compatible, universal, anti-El nino bar soap (awaiting patents).

> We build hospital gates worth more than entire hospitals behind them! Also, our hospitals’ curtains are (at the lowest) gold-plated, self-perfuming, self-folding and depreciation resistant pieces of modern art, ‪#‎YouShouldSeeThem‬! Yes, they cost more than the contents of the wards they are fixed on (read installed).

> We are currently working hard to redefine two age-old concepts: SUCCESS and CORRUPTION. Our key research question is: “How much theft of national resources can an economy sustain before it collapses?” Our 47 pseudo-specialized double-blind regional units are collaborating with the national perpetrators and PRIVATE DEVELOPERS to explore this frontier.

SUCCESS? That’s a preserve. Of ‪#‎TenderPreneurs‬. Our new framework goes like this: See a tender? Register a company (use a foreign name). Buy the tender. Fake the project. Fake completion. Apply for payment. Recoup your costs. Use the money. To buy another one. If you need, buy a politician. Or many. Especially the topdawg. And go on TV, for interview. ‪#‎MySuccessStory‬

There’s a lot more than I can share here. Just visit. Or better, come buy a tender from us. We will tell you how much to quote; and then, we will tell you where the money goes.

September 28, 2015

“The Opportunist Opposition and the Teachers’ Strike: CORD Maliciously Latched on the Teachers’ Strike as a Vehicle to Remove Jubilee from Power in Yet Another Thoughtless, Reckless, Pedestrian Scheme; But Any Scheme Founded on Malice, Hatred and Ill-Will is Cursed to Fail!!”

“When word went round on social media last Sunday that President Uhuru Kenyatta was due to make a state-of-the-nation address and effect a Cabinet reshuffle, some of us remained glued to our television sets. He finally appeared in the company of the Deputy President at approximately 8pm. The President, displaying an unusually grave mien, immediately descended on his written speech which centred on the teachers’ strike and its consequences.

· For a brief moment, many thought the President had relented on his previous “hard-line position” and was probably reaching out for a compromise! Nothing could have prepared us for what followed, as the man declared “no retreat no surrender!” He was actually “digging in” on a live broadcast on national television and many questioned the wisdom of repeating a position he had already unequivocally made known.

· As disappointment set in, some of us decided to dissect his speech, point by point, still unsure of its implications.

· In perhaps the most courageous action ever by an elected leader, he began by laying all cards on the table, setting out the parameters of why the Government, the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) could not pay.

· Already, the national wage bill was beyond sustainable limits as 1.2 million people were gobbling up a whopping 52 per cent of total tax income. Any attempts to pay teachers would increase the wage bill to 61 per cent and raise VAT from the current 16 per cent to 22 per cent. It would slow down the economy and stall development projects. The question then would be which Kenyan(s) want to economically regress or stagnate, especially when it has been indicated that our teachers are the best paid in the region and third best paid in Africa.

· By stroke of genius, the President called the teachers bluff at the same time, gaining sympathy and support from other workers.

· The President in his action sent out a veiled message to the Judiciary to exercise the doctrine of judicial cognissance when determining matters affecting government or the public domain. The Judiciary, as a general rule, is supposed to act as impartial arbiter(s) and should never precipitate a crisis, especially when all facts are available to them.

· The President has, therefore, in a clever move, “thrown the ball of judicial cognissance in the air to be caught by those who have eyes and ears!”

· In the meantime, the President has indicated an honest desire to resolve the impasse with the teachers by leaving open the door for dialogue. It is in their best interest to grab the opportunity prior to the same being adjudicated by the courts.

· As matters stand the decision could go either way, leaving them with nothing in hand.

· The biggest losers in this whole saga, however, are the opportunist opposition. They maliciously latched on the teachers’ strike as a vehicle to remove Jubilee from power. They supported and encouraged street protests and the impeachment of the President. If this strike is neutralised then the President will have “taken the wind out of the sails” of the CORD Alliance as their attempts come to naught.

· CORD will be caught between a rock and a hard place as yet another of their thoughtless, reckless, pedestrian schemes fail. They failed in Saba Saba rallies, the Okoa Kenya Referendum, the Sugar rallies in Western Kenya and now the impeachment. It goes to show that any scheme founded on malice, hatred and ill-will is cursed to fail. CORD have now become perennial serial losers!” Brilliant stuff! Well done,12049251_948666425198443_2229810908311144316_n

September 24, 2015

Mr. Raila Odinga Must First Refund Stolen Contributions Through Kisumu Molasses Plant; Before Stealing again Through So-Called Teachers Solidarity Account – Pay Bill No. 672672!!

Heavens above, wonders will never cease, good people: Kenyans are now supposed to contribute money into what Mr. Kigeugeu calls “Teachers Solidarity Account – Pay Bill No. 672672”.

· The incorrigible conman says the contributions will go towards assisting striking teachers “because they have responsibilities.” Manifest nonsense!!

· Mr. Kigeugeu and his CORD partners are certified thieves of public resources. They probably need funds for their political propaganda and empty politicking.

· Significantly, though, thieving through such contributions – as the so-called Teachers Solidarity Account – has been one way the Odingas have used many, many times (before) to steal from poor human beings, particularly our Luo sisters and brothers.

· We still remember what Jaramogi Oginga Odinga did through Luo Thrift and Trading Company.

· We still recall his son Mr. Kigeugeu replicating the same thieving strategy using the Kisumu Molasses Plant.

· It would appear stealing through fraudulent contributions is an intrinsic attribute running in the Odingas DNA (read deoxyribonucleic acid) – the basic constituent of the gene.

· Just listen to the following before you fall into this latest thieving trap via Teachers Solidarity Account – Pay Bill No. 672672…

· “Under the guise of empowering the Luo Community economically in the 1940s, Adonijah Jaramogi Oginga Odinga incorporated a company called Luo Thrift and Trading Company. He proceeded to travel across East Africa collecting money from Luos who wished to buy shares in the company.

· A colossal sum was raised some of which was invested in large scale sugar plantations in the Nyanza Sugar Belt, posho mills in several market places in Nyanza, real estate in Kisumu Town and Maseno, among other properties which also included a printing press and a bilingual weekly newspaper called The Nyanza Times, not to mention a public transport company called Lolwe.

· No sooner had these commercial ventures been put in place than transparency left through the window. Under the stewardship of Jaramogi, Luo Thrift and Trading Company did not call any Annual General Meetings as stipulated in The Companies Act, nor did it declare or issue dividends to its shareholders.

· Progressively, the properties bought with the proceeds from the poor shareholders changed hands mysteriously and became personal property. Those who attempted to raise this issue in public or in private were harassed and intimidated into silence.

· Although they are usually the most vocal on matters touching on corruption on the national front, Luo MPs have lost both legitimacy and credibility in terms of protecting their electorate and addressing their legitimate aspirations, for economic progress;

· By keeping silent on the fate of properties one family appear to have stolen from poor Luos through Luo Thrift and Trading Company, including Ofafa Memorial Hall.

· By the time Odinga died on January 20, 1994, most, if not all, of the assets bought under the flagship of Luo Thrift and Trading Company had mysteriously reverted to private companies associated with him.

· Three years later, his son and scion of his business and political dynasty, Raila Amolo Odinga, commenced another collection spree, again from poor Luos; under the guise of empowering them economically by assisting them to buy shares in the then stalled Molasses Complex, in Kisumu.

· While millions of shillings which Raila collected from Luos disappeared mysteriously into thin air, 240 acres of land where the Molasses Plant, in Kisumu, stands was transferred to the Odinga Family Business around the time leading to the KANU/NDP merger, after the General Election of 1997. NB: The actual merger reached fruition in 2001.

· Subsequent queries about the money only yielded one consistent but misleading answer from Oburu Odinga, Raila’s elder brother, who is today the Assistant minister of Finance. Oburu kept on repeating that the money was safe in a bank account.

· He declined to state the amount in the said account, which bank it was kept in and how much interest it was earning, if at all.

· If the money had been collected to assist the contributors to buy shares in the Kisumu Molasses Plant, how did it end up in a mysterious bank account and what was it doing in that account?

· Over one decade has elapsed since that money was collected from Luos; but it seems as if it is still lying in the unknown bank where it appears to be destined to lie forever, while many contributors wallow in abject poverty.

· As members of the Luo community began to come to terms with the fact that they had been swindled out of the shares they had been promised and that the over Kshs. 100 million or so raised could have disappeared into the pockets of Raila Odinga and Company, it was reported from Paris, the capital of France, that the shares they had been promised had been sold to someone else!

· According to the respectable Indian Ocean Newsletter No. 1065 of November 22, 2005, a Canadian company called Diamond-Works teamed up with Raila Odinga by taking 55% stake in his firm, Spectre International for US Dollars 2 million which is an equivalent of Kshs. 170 million.

· It was reported at the time that part of the amount from Diamond-Works of Canada was to serve to pay Spectre’s debts as the company has allegedly borrowed money for the project. Who did they borrow from after collecting from the poor Luos?

· The whole story about the Kisumu Molasses Plant has not been told, but the Odingas will no longer remain in a position where they will continue to withhold the truth from Kenyans, in general, and the Luo community, in particular, about the mystery surrounding their acquisition of the Kisumu Molasses Plant with the connivance of “the late Moi-Nyayo-KANU regime!”

September 23, 2015

“KNUT and KUPPET Must Be Disarmed and Rendered Incapable of Ever Calling a Teachers’ Strike again; the Same Way in Which Bankers Were Tamed!!”

“The speed
with which CORD leadership asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to “go home for being
unable to pay teachers” cannot be an accident. The teachers’ strike looks to
have been part of a well-choreographed scheme to bring out all public servants
on strike and bring down the Government. Indeed, Sossion has publicly called
for a “revolution” in interviews on national TV.

  • It looks like CORD has decided their designs on power will be better
    served by a “people’s revolution” rather than take on the Jubilee juggernaut at
    the polls. They still hope to ignite this by “mass protests” this week in
    support of teachers.”]
January 21, 2015

A must read “facts about land grabbing in kenya”

A Jubilee top (read “very senior”) politician has arm-twisted the National Land Commission (NLC) into shelving investigations into the Lang’ata Road Primary School land-grab, the Star can report.

· In one of the most brazen land grab cases of the past 10 years, the politician called a NLC senior commissioner on Monday, hours before the commissioners were scheduled to visit the disputed site.

· The public school is situated opposite Wilson Airport and next to Weston Hotel.

· The administrators said the construction of a perimeter wall to hive off one acre of land that has served as a playground since 1963 started on December 19.

· Weston Hotel, through lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has distanced itself from the scandal.

· [NB: Good people, why should Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi behave
like a gluttonous mercenary; or does he not believe in anything but making
money, money and more money? What a shame?]

· Similarly, businessman Herman Singh, who has been alleged by a number of Lang’ata residents to be the private developer behind the construction of the wall, yesterday (read Tuesday, January 13, 2015) denied any link to the saga.

· Following newspaper reports and a public outcry, a team of detectives from the NLC visited the school on Saturday January 3, 2015.

· They told the administration that the NLC top brass would visit on Monday.

· “As agreed, on Monday, we gathered here at the school, with some parents, waiting for the officials. They were supposed to arrive at 10am, but when it reached 10.30am and they had not turned up, we decided to contact them to inquire, but they kept telling us they were in a meeting,” Peter Mugo, the school head teacher, told the Star yesterday.

· “We waited until midday and the response from the NLC was the same, and, as we speak today, no further communication has come from them to explain to us why the visit was called off and when they intend to come next.”

· Contacted for comment, NLC chairman Muhammed Swazuri denied any plans to visit the site on Monday.

· “I have recalled the title deed to the land to look at it carefully and will get the information tomorrow [today – read Wednesday, January 14, 2015]. I didn’t indicate I was going there and I cannot go there without facts – so far, we are still gathering facts before we can know what to do next. Right now, I am in Tharaka Nithi, on official duty,” Swazuri said.

· Later, after speaking to the Star, the commission sent out a public notice calling on all schools nationwide to establish the status of the land they stand on, even where titles have been obtained in the names of private individuals, and furnish the NLC with the information by March 31.

· Two land sector professionals reacted to these developments – Odenda Lumumba, the national coordinator of the Kenya Land Alliance, and Ibrahim Mwathane, the Land Development and Governance Institute chairman.

· Odenda said, “It is clear the commission isn’t doing its work properly. The school is appealing for it to administer the land and manage it as a public good… And it is absurd that since the saga begun no tangible action has been taken by the commission.”

· Mwathane said: “Such cases like Lang’ata Primary offer the commission a chance to show its relevance on where they stand in protecting public land against threats of grabbing; they should use it to demonstrate what they can do.”

· Lang’ata (Road) Primary School was founded in 1963 and has sat on four acres of land until a private developer laid claim to and fenced off its playground that serves about 680 pupils!” Shocking stuff! The Star is doing a brilliant job for the voiceless poor! Well done, folks: You are spot on!

· b) NB: Our mole, good people, confirms that, indeed, the one acre piece of land, used by the poor pupils as the playground, has been carved out from Lang’ata Road Primary School and grabbed by Weston Hotel to be used as the hotel’s parking space;

· And that, indeed, Weston Hotel is owned by a “very senior” Jubilee Coalition leader (name withheld, deliberately, for now).

· Heavens above, good people, where are we heading to, if a senior leader can grab a playground from a city council school catering for the children of the poor;

· Who will save the poor from high level corruption, if a senior leader can exhibit such insensitivity and impunity;

· Who will save the poor from merciless and heartless land-grabbers, if a senior leader can conduct himself so blatantly, so callously, so contemptuously, so arrogantly, so primitively;

· Who will save the poor from unbridled thieves, if a senior leader can be so drunk with power he can do absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime??

· Whoever said that absolute power corrupts absolutely must have been a serious human being.

· Our mole states, rather ominously, that the said “very senior” leader, indeed, exhibits all the dangerous signs of the final stages of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

· God save Kenya. God save poor Kenyans. God save us all.

July 2, 2014

Wrong move; Raila Odinga

Mr Raila Odinga has dug himself into a deep hole and is still digging.
>Wrong move; the wise thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to
>stop digging.
>Mr Odinga’s hole is the rally of July 7, known by one and all as Saba Saba.
>Mr Odinga’s Saba Saba, however, is not as clearly defined as was Mr Kenneth
>Matiba’s in 1990.
>Mr Matiba masterfully propelled himself to the frontline of Kenya’s
>struggle for plural politics and an end to Kanu’s monopoly of political
>power. Mr Matiba, much to President Moi’s chagrin, provided the much needed
>heavyweight leadership for the popular rebellion against his beloved
>political party Kanu.
>Mr Matiba’s Saba Saba rally was called to force Kanu to yield to the will
>of Kenyans riding, as it did, on the crest of a tidal wave of popular
>unrest by a people who had been under a de jure (by law) single party state
>since 1982. The government responded in typical dictatorial fashion; it
>detained Mr Matiba and his close ally Charles Rubia without trial.
>Mr Matiba wanted to rally Kenyans against Kanu’s constitutional
>dictatorship. He wanted the world to see that the majority of Kenyans
>wanted a change and that President Moi and Kanu were out of touch in a
>post-Berlin Wall world. Mr Matiba’s blood-soaked Saba Saba was a revolt
>against an unpopular constitution, party and its 12-year-old government.
>How about Mr Odinga’s Saba Saba? When he returned home on May 31 from his
>near three-month stay in the US, Mr Odinga drove straight into a charged
>rally at Uhuru Park just before 3 p.m. The thousands of young people who
>had been camping at the park since dawn expected him to order them into an
>anti-government march.
>The decibels went a notch higher with the chant: Uhuru must go! Mr Odinga
>did better: “It is you who are saying that, not me,” was his reply.
>Deciphered that meant; “you will play by my script; I will not play by
>Then, he told the rally that before he left for the US he called President
>Kenyatta and briefed him about his trip.
>That translates as “the President and I may be on opposing sides of the
>political divide, but we are not enemies and he is President.” So Mr Odinga
>avoided ordering his troops into a much-anticipated, though futile,
>Uhuru-must-go battle. But a sweetener had to be thrown in to keep the
>troops happy and time bought to ease the fever pitch tension.
>So Mr Odinga demanded an urgent national conference to debate and decide
>Kenya’s future in the face of increasing insecurity, high cost of living,
>grand corruption and an all-inclusive government.
>Absent this, he said, then a Saba Saba rally would take place. With that,
>Mr Odinga dug himself out of one hole and into another; the crowd could not
>be too disappointed and now there was a rally to look forward to.
>But since then Mr Odinga has been piling up the pressure on government with
>weekly demands for dialogue and threats of unspecified consequences come
>Saba Saba. So, the most frequently asked questions in Kenya today are: What
>does Raila want? What will happen on July 7?
>Mr Odinga is fighting against rampant insecurity, grand corruption, high
>cost of living and an exclusivist one-year-old two-tribe government. He
>says Saba Saba will see Kenyans start the process of taking back their
>country, but denies he seeks to oust the government.
>He says that sovereignty resides with the Kenyan people and on July 7 they
>could choose to exercise it directly rather than through constitutional
>instruments. But he denies he is agitating for a revolution. He says he
>wants to hear what Kenyans have to say about their country, which is
>unusual because Kenyan leaders tell their audiences what to do.
>Lastly, he has declared July 7 a national holiday. To some, this is a call
>for a national strike because Mr Odinga does not have the power to declare
>a holiday. This is the conundrum that has been the subject of a polarising
>debate since the beginning of the month. 1990’s Saba Saba galvanised Kenya
>against Kanu, 2014’s Saba Saba has divided Kenya against itself.
>Mr Matiba was detained, but the struggle continued and Kenya returned to
>multi-party politics and, ultimately, a new constitutional dispensation.
>For Mr Odinga, there will be no national convention, but Saba Saba is his.
>What will it change? Nothing. Government will not be stampeded into proving
>itself incompetent.


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