A must read “facts about land grabbing in kenya”

A Jubilee top (read “very senior”) politician has arm-twisted the National Land Commission (NLC) into shelving investigations into the Lang’ata Road Primary School land-grab, the Star can report.

· In one of the most brazen land grab cases of the past 10 years, the politician called a NLC senior commissioner on Monday, hours before the commissioners were scheduled to visit the disputed site.

· The public school is situated opposite Wilson Airport and next to Weston Hotel.

· The administrators said the construction of a perimeter wall to hive off one acre of land that has served as a playground since 1963 started on December 19.

· Weston Hotel, through lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has distanced itself from the scandal.

· [NB: Good people, why should Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi behave
like a gluttonous mercenary; or does he not believe in anything but making
money, money and more money? What a shame?]

· Similarly, businessman Herman Singh, who has been alleged by a number of Lang’ata residents to be the private developer behind the construction of the wall, yesterday (read Tuesday, January 13, 2015) denied any link to the saga.

· Following newspaper reports and a public outcry, a team of detectives from the NLC visited the school on Saturday January 3, 2015.

· They told the administration that the NLC top brass would visit on Monday.

· “As agreed, on Monday, we gathered here at the school, with some parents, waiting for the officials. They were supposed to arrive at 10am, but when it reached 10.30am and they had not turned up, we decided to contact them to inquire, but they kept telling us they were in a meeting,” Peter Mugo, the school head teacher, told the Star yesterday.

· “We waited until midday and the response from the NLC was the same, and, as we speak today, no further communication has come from them to explain to us why the visit was called off and when they intend to come next.”

· Contacted for comment, NLC chairman Muhammed Swazuri denied any plans to visit the site on Monday.

· “I have recalled the title deed to the land to look at it carefully and will get the information tomorrow [today – read Wednesday, January 14, 2015]. I didn’t indicate I was going there and I cannot go there without facts – so far, we are still gathering facts before we can know what to do next. Right now, I am in Tharaka Nithi, on official duty,” Swazuri said.

· Later, after speaking to the Star, the commission sent out a public notice calling on all schools nationwide to establish the status of the land they stand on, even where titles have been obtained in the names of private individuals, and furnish the NLC with the information by March 31.

· Two land sector professionals reacted to these developments – Odenda Lumumba, the national coordinator of the Kenya Land Alliance, and Ibrahim Mwathane, the Land Development and Governance Institute chairman.

· Odenda said, “It is clear the commission isn’t doing its work properly. The school is appealing for it to administer the land and manage it as a public good… And it is absurd that since the saga begun no tangible action has been taken by the commission.”

· Mwathane said: “Such cases like Lang’ata Primary offer the commission a chance to show its relevance on where they stand in protecting public land against threats of grabbing; they should use it to demonstrate what they can do.”

· Lang’ata (Road) Primary School was founded in 1963 and has sat on four acres of land until a private developer laid claim to and fenced off its playground that serves about 680 pupils!” Shocking stuff! The Star is doing a brilliant job for the voiceless poor! Well done, folks: You are spot on!

· b) NB: Our mole, good people, confirms that, indeed, the one acre piece of land, used by the poor pupils as the playground, has been carved out from Lang’ata Road Primary School and grabbed by Weston Hotel to be used as the hotel’s parking space;

· And that, indeed, Weston Hotel is owned by a “very senior” Jubilee Coalition leader (name withheld, deliberately, for now).

· Heavens above, good people, where are we heading to, if a senior leader can grab a playground from a city council school catering for the children of the poor;

· Who will save the poor from high level corruption, if a senior leader can exhibit such insensitivity and impunity;

· Who will save the poor from merciless and heartless land-grabbers, if a senior leader can conduct himself so blatantly, so callously, so contemptuously, so arrogantly, so primitively;

· Who will save the poor from unbridled thieves, if a senior leader can be so drunk with power he can do absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime??

· Whoever said that absolute power corrupts absolutely must have been a serious human being.

· Our mole states, rather ominously, that the said “very senior” leader, indeed, exhibits all the dangerous signs of the final stages of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

· God save Kenya. God save poor Kenyans. God save us all.

Wrong move; Raila Odinga

Mr Raila Odinga has dug himself into a deep hole and is still digging.
>Wrong move; the wise thing to do when you find yourself in a hole is to
>stop digging.
>Mr Odinga’s hole is the rally of July 7, known by one and all as Saba Saba.
>Mr Odinga’s Saba Saba, however, is not as clearly defined as was Mr Kenneth
>Matiba’s in 1990.
>Mr Matiba masterfully propelled himself to the frontline of Kenya’s
>struggle for plural politics and an end to Kanu’s monopoly of political
>power. Mr Matiba, much to President Moi’s chagrin, provided the much needed
>heavyweight leadership for the popular rebellion against his beloved
>political party Kanu.
>Mr Matiba’s Saba Saba rally was called to force Kanu to yield to the will
>of Kenyans riding, as it did, on the crest of a tidal wave of popular
>unrest by a people who had been under a de jure (by law) single party state
>since 1982. The government responded in typical dictatorial fashion; it
>detained Mr Matiba and his close ally Charles Rubia without trial.
>Mr Matiba wanted to rally Kenyans against Kanu’s constitutional
>dictatorship. He wanted the world to see that the majority of Kenyans
>wanted a change and that President Moi and Kanu were out of touch in a
>post-Berlin Wall world. Mr Matiba’s blood-soaked Saba Saba was a revolt
>against an unpopular constitution, party and its 12-year-old government.
>How about Mr Odinga’s Saba Saba? When he returned home on May 31 from his
>near three-month stay in the US, Mr Odinga drove straight into a charged
>rally at Uhuru Park just before 3 p.m. The thousands of young people who
>had been camping at the park since dawn expected him to order them into an
>anti-government march.
>The decibels went a notch higher with the chant: Uhuru must go! Mr Odinga
>did better: “It is you who are saying that, not me,” was his reply.
>Deciphered that meant; “you will play by my script; I will not play by
>Then, he told the rally that before he left for the US he called President
>Kenyatta and briefed him about his trip.
>That translates as “the President and I may be on opposing sides of the
>political divide, but we are not enemies and he is President.” So Mr Odinga
>avoided ordering his troops into a much-anticipated, though futile,
>Uhuru-must-go battle. But a sweetener had to be thrown in to keep the
>troops happy and time bought to ease the fever pitch tension.
>So Mr Odinga demanded an urgent national conference to debate and decide
>Kenya’s future in the face of increasing insecurity, high cost of living,
>grand corruption and an all-inclusive government.
>Absent this, he said, then a Saba Saba rally would take place. With that,
>Mr Odinga dug himself out of one hole and into another; the crowd could not
>be too disappointed and now there was a rally to look forward to.
>But since then Mr Odinga has been piling up the pressure on government with
>weekly demands for dialogue and threats of unspecified consequences come
>Saba Saba. So, the most frequently asked questions in Kenya today are: What
>does Raila want? What will happen on July 7?
>Mr Odinga is fighting against rampant insecurity, grand corruption, high
>cost of living and an exclusivist one-year-old two-tribe government. He
>says Saba Saba will see Kenyans start the process of taking back their
>country, but denies he seeks to oust the government.
>He says that sovereignty resides with the Kenyan people and on July 7 they
>could choose to exercise it directly rather than through constitutional
>instruments. But he denies he is agitating for a revolution. He says he
>wants to hear what Kenyans have to say about their country, which is
>unusual because Kenyan leaders tell their audiences what to do.
>Lastly, he has declared July 7 a national holiday. To some, this is a call
>for a national strike because Mr Odinga does not have the power to declare
>a holiday. This is the conundrum that has been the subject of a polarising
>debate since the beginning of the month. 1990’s Saba Saba galvanised Kenya
>against Kanu, 2014’s Saba Saba has divided Kenya against itself.
>Mr Matiba was detained, but the struggle continued and Kenya returned to
>multi-party politics and, ultimately, a new constitutional dispensation.
>For Mr Odinga, there will be no national convention, but Saba Saba is his.
>What will it change? Nothing. Government will not be stampeded into proving
>itself incompetent.

The Belgium Government Must Apologise to African Leaders for Their (read Its) Pre-Medieval Primitivity!! Africans Are Neither Sub-Humans Nor Amnesiac Fools!!


· 1) Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has said that under his 19 years of dictatorship The Gambia has built schools, universities and supplied electricity in the provinces. Jammeh was addressing a huge crowd on Monday (March 31, 2014) morning at the Chambers of the National Assembly in Banjul marking the opening of the 2014 Legislative Year.

· He said that in 400 years, the small West African country couldn’t have a high school, adding that the north bank of The River Gambia was in a jungle state and children were not going to school.

· The “furious looking” Gambian leader quizzed: “What is good governance? What is democracy? And what is human rights?”

· He said good governance is to work in the interest of the people and not in the interest of colonialists. “I am proud of being a dictator of development,” he added, stating that Gambians should make a choice between a democracy that dances to the tune of the same people who exploited them and a dictatorship that brings development and equality (Daily Nation, April 3, 2014).

· In 2013, President Jammeh said that he “was tired of neo-colonial arrogance” and announced The Gambia was “pulling out of the neo-colonial outfit called the Commonwealth of Nations”.

· We believe Yahya Jammeh could evolve into a great African if he controlled some of his erratic excesses.

· Why wouldn’t his former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Fatou B. Bensouda, not resign from the humiliating and enslaving job of Chief Prosecutor of the bogus ICC court; return home to The Gambia; help President Gammeh make things better; and improve the lives and living standards of all Gambians.

· 2) A two-day summit of African and European leaders kicked off in Brussels on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 amidst a row over visas and allegations of selective invitations.

· President Jacob Zuma of South Africa missed the summit and sent a ministerial delegation instead, to protest against the selective invitation extended to African countries by the European Union (EU).

· “I think that time must pass wherein we are looked as subjects, we are told who must come, who must not come, we have not attempted to decide when we meet Europe; who must come and who must not come,” the South African public broadcaster SABC quoted Comrade Zuma as saying.

· “It is wrong and causes this unnecessary unpleasantness. I thought the AU and EU are equal organisations representing two continents but there is not a single one of them who must decide for others,” concluded Comrade Zuma.

· The Chief of Chimurenga, a.k.a. Son of Bona, Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe led the call for a boycott after First Lady Madam Grace Mugabe was denied a visa, although “his own travel ban to the EU” had been “relaxed” to allow him attend the summit.

· The controversy, however, is wider than the case of Zimbabwe, drawing in the omission of some African leaders, and points to some of the points of tension between the two blocs.

· Son of Bona calls it, “condescending and overbearing attitude by downright idiots.”

· On Wednesday, March 26, 2014, Comrade Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba criticised the EU for trying to stop the Zimbabwean First Lady from travelling with her husband.

· “It is very strange that the EU has not extended an invitation to the First Lady,” he told State media.

· “What God has put together the EU is trying to separate. Do they expect the President to respect the EU and disrespect his own marriage?” Charamba stated, exuding wisdom.

· Son of Bona is the vice-chairperson of the African Union (AU), which early this year threatened to boycott the summit if the EU did not invite him.

· Charamba also hinted that the EU and AU were at loggerheads over Brussels’ refusal to invite Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

· The Chief of Chimurenga is said to be vehemently against the stance arguing (brilliantly) the EU cannot choose who will be in the AU delegation.

· Comrade Robert Mugabe turned 90 recently and is still going strong. He is as sharp and focused as ever. May the Most High God Almighty bless Son of Bona at all times – Amen!!

· We salute Comrade Jacob Zuma, most sincerely, for standing with Son of Bona. God bless you, brother: You and Son of Bona are spot on!

· 3) The People Thursday, April 3, 2014 carried an interesting editorial.

· The editorial read: “The incident on Tuesday where the Belgium Government attempted to deny travelling visa to head of the presidential security team, Edward Mbugua, who is accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta on official visit to Brussels reminds one that old prejudices, like old habits, die hard.

· Why one country thinks it can dictate composition of security detail of Head of State of another sovereign nation is baffling, if not insulting. The Belgians, can, and must, protect the Kenyan Head of State the best way they know how while he is on their soil. But, certainly, they have no right to dictate on whom to be in the presidential security from this end.

· But where Brussels is concerned, Tuesday’s insolence is to be seen in another dimension that goes a long way back in history.

· Over 120 years ago, European powers of the day met in Berlin, another European capital, and partitioned African continent amongst themselves, an event that heralded the next 70 years of colonial domination of the black continent.

· It is worth noting that at the 1884 Scramble for Africa Berlin Conference that curved African (continent) into zones of occupation by the six European powers of the day – Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Portugal – Africans were never consulted or involved in any way. They were just sliced up the way one does with a loaf of bread!

· Belgium leader, King Leopold the second, exhibited the greatest contempt for the African people – he apportioned himself as a personal gift what is today the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)!

· And what do we have today? European powers meeting in Brussels purportedly to deliberate on how to help Africa solve its myriad problems.

· Why, in the first place, should a conference called to deliberate on African problems be held in a European capital? Why not have the summit on African soil which is where the rubber meets the tarmac?

· As if that isn’t patronising enough, why would the EU be the one to decide which African Heads of State to, or not to, attend the so-called summit on Africa?

· It is just as well that some African Heads of State decided to stay away from Brussels to protest the discriminative attitude of the EU. The decision by Heads of State of Rwanda, Uganda, and Ethiopia to stay away if their Kenyan counterpart wouldn’t be in Brussels is also commendable.

· It is time Brussels and the like-minded were forced to acknowledge that this is the 21st Century where Africa must be treated as an equal and respectable partner!” Brilliant stuff! Well done, folks: You are spot on!

· NB: The Belgium Government must apologise to African leaders for their (read its) pre-medieval primitivity.

· Those who believe Africans have a set of eyes in their armpits must be shunned by Africans collectively;

· Those who believe Africans have a set of eyes below their kneecaps must be treated with the contempt they deserve by Africans collectively;

· Because African are not sub-humans or amnesiac fools!

· The satanic racist Western neo-colonial beasts have no shame, good people. They have a repulsive and nauseating hyena mentality. Nothing to add: Enough said! Everything is in black and white.

President Uhuru and his jubilee government must stop looking for its >lost needle in the wrong places

>We are totally dismayed by the knee-jerk moves by the president to treat
>the symptoms instead of the disease in the current prevailing debate of the
>soaring WAGE BILL. More interesting was his Greek gift–the so called
>National Dialogue on Public wage bill, a fool’s errand which ended up
>defeating the very purpose it was called for. We all know the problem and
>both the president and his jubilee government must stop looking for its
>lost needle in the wrong places–the obscene opulence exhibited by
>bureaucrats and politically corrects individuals in the jubilee government
>in mind numbing.
>Why for instance should cabinet and principle secretaries still ride on
>landcruisers complete with convoys in the middle of Nairobi? Are the city
>roads that bad, what happened to the earlier government directive on
>vehicles more than 3000cc which birthed the ubiquitous passats, are roads
>within the city in a quarry condition to merit 4X4 vehicles? Interesting
>is this nauseating specter of so called cabinet secretaries exit their
>offices for meeting or conferences at safaripark et al using the ultra
>modern Thika road super highway yet ridding on 4X4 vehicles with bodyguards
>and aides in tow, is thika road a muram or rural road? All these are
>totally unacceptable and the president must stop engaging Kenyans in a moth
>dance on this very contentious issue.
>Heretofore, Jubilee seems to be on a race to outdo Imelda Marcos, Jose
>Astrada, and Mobutu Seseko, Bedel Bokasa, Obiang Nguema, Agustinho
>Pinochet, Hosni Mubarak, Khadafi or even Baby Doc of Haiti in sucking the
>state coffers dry. The burden of all this mayhem is the cross the
>overburdened tax payer have to carry, the runway cost of living and the
>many other faculties of development the government has t forgo to meet the
>soaring wage bill resulted by this obnoxious spending on salaries to
>maintain the bloated system.
>In Rwanda, we all know what happens. Ministers ride on low end vehicles
>whilst the president rides on a 4 vehicle convoy–because leadership is
>pegged on the maxim of service to the people. In Netherlands a donor
>country far richer than Kenya, ministers opt to ride in bicycles, not to
>mention other superior economies like Brazil, Turkey.
>In Senegal, the parliament even voted to scrap the senate and the vice
>president position in 2012 just to save the tax payer. Today we have many
>tangential posts which we can do without.
>We therefore recommend that;
>1. The president must be honest in his corruption onslaught since this
>is one of the seepages the country loses lots of money-he must lead from
>the front in fighting his untold scourge if possible go the Chinese way. On
>top, the president must not just chop-off his salary that was too cosmetic
>he must reduce his allowances and state house budgetary allocations too
>which makes a serious joke of the later. An example is his trip to Mt Kenya
>safari lodge where he spent a night at a presidential suite costing
>Ksh.500,000 meaning a 4 day night was about Ksh2,000,000, presume William
>Ruto too joined him in a similar suite hence the whole pay cut becomes the
>sickest joke north of Limpopo.
>2. The many benchmarking trips by civil servants must also end. Let them
>embrace technology and deploy other learning means than those many trips
>that bleed the public coffers yet their results can’t be quantified.
>3. At this trying times, desperate calls merit desperate measures…in
>Malawi president Joyce Banda sold her presidential jet to rescue the
>country from the brink of collapse, why can’t the country sell the Vice
>President official residence, after all William Ruto was not an IDP yet
>again vice presidents world over have been operating from their offices and
>private homes.
>4. The government must take seriously through public service commission
>the issue of ghost workers and work overnight to name, expose, and shame
>and even prosecute fiends fueling this evil. It is time to catch these
>black goats by the day before the night darkness camouflages them.
>5. We want a public inquiry on the any hyper inflated tenders in public
>service; case in point is the standard gauge railway among others. Besides
>all these tenders in both national and county governments must be probed by
>PPOA, PAC, EACC among others to give them a clean bill of health before
>6. The Uwezo fund be given to youths as a grant to enable them take off
>their various enterprises from which thereafter they may apply for loans in
>various commercial banks on the basis of their business net worth or
>performance. Otherwise as it stands, the Jubilee government is in a
>spirited effort chasing the winds, this will hit the dead ends like the
>women enterprise fund under Kibaki and other white elephants that today dot
>every space within our borders–thanks to lack of foresight, non committed
>leadership built on expediency than substance.
>Until these among others are done, we will continue assuming that the
>president and his jubilee government are reading from the notes of
>Abunwasi. Either way the president must reduce his allowances with over
>60%, if not now then right now. We demand transparency, we demand an end to
>this long convoys by elected, appointed state officers and it is also time
>we opened a national dialogue on some aspects of the constitution which is
>stratospherically driving the wage bill to a height we may soon fail to

Why Museven will rule Uganda For Hundred years

This Morning: President Yoweri Museveni has, by virtue of the Authority entrusted to him by Articles 113 (2) and 114 (3) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, decided to carry out a minor re-organization of the Government as follows:
1. Rt. Hon. Prime Minister – AMAMA MBABAZI
2. 1st Deputy Prime Minister &
Minister of Public Service – KAJURA HENRY
3. 2nd Deputy Prime Minister
& Deputy Leader of Gov’t
Business in Parliament – MOSES ALI
4. Minister of East African
Affairs – Vacant
5. Minister of Security – MUKASA MURUULI
6. Minister In-charge of
the Presidency – TUMWEBAZE
7. Minister for Karamoja – MUSEVENI
8. Minister in Charge of
General Duties/Office of
the Prime Minister – KABWEGYERE
9. Minister of Disaster
Preparedness &
Refugees – ONEK HILARY
10. Minister of Information
& National Guidance – NAMAYANJA
11. Minister of Agriculture,
Animal Industry &
12. Minister of Defence – KIYONGA CRISPUS
13. Minister of Education
14. Minister of Energy and
15. Minister of Finance and
Economic Planning – KIWANUKA MARIA
16. Minister of Works and
Transport – BYANDALA
17. Minister of Justice – KAHINDA OTAFIIRE
& Constitutional Affairs
18. Attorney General – NYOMBI PETER
19. Minister of Gender, Labour
& Social affairs – BUSINGYE
20. Minister of Trade,
Industry & Cooperatives – KYAMBADDE
21. Minister of Water &
Environment – KAMUNTU
22. Minister of Lands,
Housing & Urban
Development – MIGEREKO DAUDI
23. Minister of Health – RUHAKANA
24. Minister of Foreign
Affairs – KUTESA
25. Minister of Information
& Communications
Technology – NASASIRA
26. Minister of Local
Government – MWESIGE ADOLF
27. Minister without
Portfolio in-charge of
Political Mobilization – TODWONG
28. Government Chief Whip – KASULE JUSTINE
29. Minister of Tourism
Wildlife & Antiquities – MARIA
30. Minister of Internal Affairs – NYAKAIRIMA

Office of the President:
1. Minister of State for
Economic Monitoring – BANYENZAKI
2. Minister of State for
Ethics and Integrity – LOKODO SIMON
Office of the Vice President:
3. Minister of State
Vice President’s Office – NYANZI VINCENT
Office of the Prime Minister:
4. Minister of State for
Relief and Disaster
Preparedness – ECWERU MUSA
5. Minister of State for
Northern Uganda – AMUGE OTENGO
6. Minister of State for
7. Minister of State
for Luwero Triangle – KATAIKE
8. Minister of State for
Teso Affairs – AMONGIN APORU
9. Minister of State for
Bunyoro Affairs – KIIZA ERNEST
Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

10. Minister of State for
International Affairs – ORYEM OKELLO
11. Minister of State for
Regional Affairs – KIYINGI ASUMAN
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries
12. Minister of State for
Agriculture – NYIIRA
13. Minister of State for
Fisheries – NANKABIRWA
14. Minister of State for Animal
Industry – RWAMIRAMA
Ministry of Education and Sports
15. Minister of State for Sports – BAKABULINDI
16. Minister of State for Primary
Education – KAMANDA
17. Minister of State for
Higher Education – MUYINGO JOHN
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development:
18. Minister of State for Energy – D’UJANGA SIMON
19. Minister of State for Minerals – LOKERIS AIMAT
Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development:
20. Minister of State for Finance
(General) – JACAN OMACH
21. Minister of State for Planning – KASAIJA MATIA
22. Minister of State for
23. Minister of State for
Privatization – KAJARA ASTON
24. Minister of State for Micro-
Finance – AMALI OKAO
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development:
25. Minister of State for Gender
and Culture – ISANGA LUKIA
26. Minister of State for Youth and
Children Affairs – KIBUULE RONALD
27. Minister of State for Labour,
Employment and Industrial
Relations – RUKUTANA
28. Minister of State for Elderly
and Disability: – MADADA
Ministry of Health:
29. Minister of State for
Health (General) – TUMWESIGYE
30. Minister of State for
Primary Health Care – OPENDI OCHIENG
Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development:
31. Minister of State for
Housing – ENGOLA SAM
32. Minister of State for
Urban Development – NAJJEMBA
33. Minister of State for
Ministry of Trade and Industry:
34. Minister of State for
35. Minister of State for
Industry – MUTENDE
Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities:
36. Minister of State for
Ministry of Water and Environment:
37. Minister of State for Water – ATUKU BIGOMBE
38. Minister of State for
Environment – NABUGERA

Ministry of Works and Transport:
39. Minister of State for
Transport – CHEBROT
40. Minister of State for
Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

41. Deputy Attorney General – RUHINDI FRED
Ministry of Defence

42. Minister of State for
Ministry of Internal Affairs
43. Minister of State for
Internal Affairs – BABA JAMES
Ministry of ICT
44. Minister of State for
Communication (ICT) – NYOMBI TEMBO

Ministry of Local Government

45. Minister of State for
Local Government – AADROA ALEX
Ministry of Public Service
46. Minister of State for
Public Service – SSEZI PRISCA
Ministry of East African Affairs

47. Minister of State for
East African Affairs – SHEM BAGAINE
Dr. Christine Ondoa – SENIOR

SIGNED this …………………..day of May, in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand Thirteen.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

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Republican attorneys general see Obama misuse of power – Washington Times.

Anywhere possible!

AnyWAY possible!

The worst part of it all is; he’s NOT being challenged on any of it!

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Originally posted on MR BRANDS ONLINE:Views on World Politics, Elections, Grand Coalition Government, Parliament:

Wether its just a mere belief or the reality we cant tell but according to our secret source who is a conspiracy theorist,the Illuminati underworld have been running their agenda in Kenya and he goes ahead to name the artists involved.As you will see in the videos attached to this,it seems interesting.Take your time and be the judge:

I met these various artistes 2 years back. And since then I have been working closely with them in many projects. You can call me the spanner boy who through this whole time, I have been the least and the most send all over to carry out errands. That said, I had no problem with it for I was there only to confirm one thing, are these people ILLUMINATI?

This urge to investigate came after I saw some anomalies in how they were presenting…

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